Here at Kay2 contracting, we have a very strong team of designers and architects that will work with you from start to finish. They will take into consideration your specific requests to create a detailed solution that will meet your family’s expectations. We have helped many families create beautiful interiors that complement their tastes and made coming home much more enjoyable for the entire family.

Our design team also believes that all architectural details are very important in our the start of a beautiful and well put together renovation. We will always take into consideration the existing layout and lot size based on your existing plans. The provided architectural design will truly elevate your home and take it to the next level when it comes to modernization and comfort.

We are very passionate about enhancing your families living space and lifestyle in every way. We have established a large network of highly qualified trades people and suppliers to attain high-quality products that will be used in the renovation process by our team of professionals that are dedicated to quality and detail. Our process has been proven time and time again, and we have developed a large database of very happy clients and client referrals.

Our professional architectural design services include:

  • 3-D renderings and sketch design
  • Planning services and complete submission of permits
  • In fills, acreages, vacation homes, and custom homesComplete renovations, additions, landscaping, outdoor living spaces
  • Exterior upgrades, curb appeal development
  • Interior design and development

Please feel free to call us anytime and inquire about the services listed above or, click the button below to request a free consultation.