Custom Calgary Home Builders

Kay2 Homes can help you find the exact location of the house of your dreams.

We are not a production home developer. We concentrate on the quality of our homes and the needs of our clientele. Because of this, our homes are completed on time with no avoidable flaws, and no “extras” tacked on to the cost.

We Provide Our Clients With Quality Homes

Infill homes are the rededication of property to new construction. In other words, we tear down an older home and build a new one, typically in the most exquisite and mature areas of the city. There are numerous neighborhoods within the city that have large lots, beautiful trees, and are very affordable to reconstruct a brand new home. With land options like this a new in-fill home development is the way to go.

We operate in every area to match people with the home and place they’ve always wanted. Want to be downtown? Close to work? Family? Or on an acreage? We’ll find the lot that fits you. Check out our infill designs made specifically for any kind of infill lot.

If it is a home you want and should find a whole lot, or a lot that needs to fit a home, we’ve got you covered. Tell us the particulars of your situation and we can locate a match. We already have pre-designed patterns for each and every sort of infill lot. Our engineers and interior designers are free if you decide to use us as you custom developer. This is just one of the many perks available to you.

The Home Building Process

Calgary’s First Choice When It Comes To Custom Home Builds

Building your new home is a significant procedure. There is a good deal of planning and preparation that go into designing and building a home.

Kay2 understands the potential stress and significance of the choice buyers are making when choosing to construct a new home. Generations of expertise empower Kay2 to provide purchasers with an educated and solid foundation of information before making the decision to build their home.

It is the mission of the enterprise to make your experience with Kay2 a positive one that will boost your family’s lives, through creating the home you’ve always imagined.

Custom Home Builds In Calgary Have Never Been Easier

Offering a personalized strategy, committed service and outstanding standards in after-sales service. Kay2 will provide you with an unparalleled expertise in new home construction You’ll have it all — location, expertise, quality, and service — when you choose us to manage your own custom home in Calgary Alberta.

  • Quality Interior Finishes
  • Custom Renovations
  • Great Planning

Improved Communications

We have developed a way of designing and building custom spaces which have improved communication, client interaction, and overall owner satisfaction. Our design/build procedure helps to develop a relationship of trust and care, promotes communication and creativity, and ensures your project is completed on time and on budget.

The time that we take to plan and prepare during the design phase of a renovation project

Building A Custom Home  |  Commercial Design/Build  |  Job Design Services:

  1. Free initial design consultation
  2. Comprehensive needs analysis
  3. Budget development
  4. Professional website review and field dimensions
  5. Product selection consultation
  6. Design Development
  7. Layout review and revision, if needed
  8. Itemized Project Costing

We believe teamwork produces the greatest outcomes. We’ll work with you every step of the way to not just meet but exceed expectations.

Being actively involved with the consultants and owners means we could leverage our expertise on the job. Understanding what drives the owners’ bottom line makes it possible for us to provide the best value possible as a construction partner.

We provide early affirmation of costs. We offer a single source of responsibility overseeing both construction and design. We have the expertise, resources and stability to deliver projects within a tight time frame and budget.


Home Addition Experts in Calgary.

It’s typical for homeowners to feel as though they’ve outgrown their home, where space they currently have just isn’t enough anymore. When you’ve reached this point, you have two options — uproot to a new home build or renovate your current home with some custom addons and additions to add some extra space. If you love your own home and area, it may be wise to think about a home extension renovation.

Kay2 is an award-winning firm specializing in home improvement and expansion renovations in Calgary. Whether you are planning on building out, building up or lifting your residence, our group of licensed specialists will assess your home’s current design and function, and recommend extra options which meet your family’s needs.

Home improvement and expansion renovations do more than just offering some additional square footage to your home — those improvements increase the resale value and performance of your home, allowing you to feel less restricted and more comfortable.

Kay2 will even handle all facets of your home addition and extension renovations. We will secure all of the necessary licenses and meet with city leaders to ensure your renovation plans comply with the town of Calgary’s bylaws.

Whatever your plan is for the extra space, we can choose the job to the end line. Along with home enhancements and extensions, Kay2 also offers custom home renovations, interior renovations, bathroom and spa renovations and basement renovations.