1. Using Architectural Design to Enlarge your Kitchen Footprint

    Many people these days have to compromise their dream homes for a variety of different reasons, be it limited budget, student loans, taking care of parents, or any other factors. However, that does not mean one cannot enjoy or feel the vibe of large spaces. Architectural engineers are specially skil…Read More

  2. Kitchen Backsplash Tile Patterns and Tips

    For quite a long time, the backsplash has been a significant working piece of any kitchen remodeling. The backsplash serves to ensure the protection of the walls over a work zone and supplements the countertops as well. With time there have been multiple changes and variations in the styles, designs…Read More

  3. Can a new Kitchen help with pandemic-related stress?

    In the year 2020… let’s rephrase. Year Covid-19 has invited many of us with open arms in the world of stress, anxiety, and depression. In this fine space, you will find yourself stuck between four walls of your homes and a mask on your face, possibly surrounded by your family (and sanitizer 24/7…Read More

  4. Investing in Custom Cabinets

    Cabinetry plays an important role in our kitchens. It is impossible to imagine a kitchen without any cabinets. They not only keep our kitchen neat and tidy but give it a unique look and style. Although they are one of the kitchen essentials, they’re often consider as the last thing to look after w…Read More

  5. Remodeled living room with wood floors and windows to exterior - Kay2 Contracting

    Quick Updates to your home before the Holidays

    Holidays are one of the most favorite times of the year. Many get to enjoy spending time with each other either by inviting or visiting friends and family. Therefore, holidays are a reason for joy and happiness. But a wave of anxiety may kick in when the you consider the question “is the house rea…Read More

  6. Why it’s Important for your Kitchen to be Functional

    The kitchen is a significant space in your home. Numerous hours are spent in the kitchen surging around in the mornings preparing for work or school, planning snacks or meals to impart to your family, or engage in a gathering of companions. Odds are, your family will assemble in the kitchen at least…Read More

  7. Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Style

    Nicely constructed and trendy cabinets can breathe new life into your kitchen. Remodeling just the cabinets in your kitchen can make the room appear fully transformed even if you haven’t changed anything else.  In this regard, we at Kay2 Contracting believe that it is very important to keep upgra…Read More

  8. What not to do when remodeling your kitchen

    Kitchen remodeling is a tricky affair and anything can go wrong especially when the job is handled by someone inexperienced. It should therefore be undertaken by a team of experts in the field so as to make sure that not even a cent of your precious investment is wasted. We at Kay2 Contracting are m…Read More