1. Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Style

    Nicely constructed and trendy cabinets can breathe new life into your kitchen. Remodeling just the cabinets in your kitchen can make the room appear fully transformed even if you haven’t changed anything else.  In this regard, we at Kay2 Contracting believe that it is very important to keep upgra…Read More

  2. What not to do when remodeling your kitchen

    Kitchen remodeling is a tricky affair and anything can go wrong especially when the job is handled by someone inexperienced. It should therefore be undertaken by a team of experts in the field so as to make sure that not even a cent of your precious investment is wasted. We at Kay2 Contracting are m…Read More

  3. Adding a Basement Addition

    Remodeling an existing basement or an addition can be a very interesting and rewarding way to expand your indoor premises and address the growing needs of your family. This is one of the best ways to increase living space without emptying your pocket.   Basements are generally unused areas, whi…Read More

  4. 3 Most Popular Home Additions

    At Kay2 Contracting, we believe that when adding home additions, you need to think strategically, after analyzing their profitability and functionality. To offer some insight, we are listing three of the most popular and beneficial home additions to consider in your next home remodeling project. Sun…Read More

  5. A Guide to Home Additions in Alberta

    The nature of Alberta’s real estate market is such that remodeling your home can be a very rewarding and profitable decision. Even renovating or adding selected rooms can greatly increase your property’s resale value. A home addition is among such renovations. Home additions generally require ma…Read More

  6. Kitchen Must Have’s for 2020

    When it comes to kitchen upgrading, there are endless possibilities. However, using our experience and understanding of the evolving kitchen renovation trends, we have created a list of top kitchens must-haves for 2020; keeping in mind the increasingly popular preferences of Alberta homeowners.  Co…Read More

  7. How to Tell if your Kitchen Cabinets Need Replacement or Refacing.

    Are you thinking about giving your kitchen a brand-new look without breaking the bank? Often times the most confusing thing for homeowners during kitchen renovation planning is choosing between replacing and refacing the kitchen cabinets.  Replacing means that you remove the old cabinetry and insta…Read More

  8. Why An Experienced Contractor is Essential when Adding an Addition

    Your home is your life’s biggest investment; and may turn out to be a very profitable one if you can maintain the property and continue improving it to meet changing trends. Home renovation should be a positive and exciting experience, which relies upon the way you carry out the project. If you ha…Read More

  9. Kitchens: How to Remodel

    To ensure that your family stays united, you need to create a sociable space for the whole family to gather. That’s why kitchen design should be given extreme importance at the time of kitchen upgrading. You need to understand your individual family needs first before planning a kitchen renovation…Read More