1. Creating the Perfect Kitchen Pantry

    For many people, a kitchen renovation is one of the essential parts of updating a home. Creating a system for storing dry products, snacks, paper products, and all kinds of cans and canned goods is essential in keeping your kitchen neat and tidy. Often, we don’t realize how, especially in busy fam…Read More

  2. Benefits of having a Custom Home Builder in Edmonton, AB.

    Building your dream home can be a revitalizing experience. By working with a custom home builder in Edmonton, you can make your home just the way you want it. At long last, you can have the ideal space for you and your family. While your comfort might be the main advantage of building a custom home,…Read More

  3. Lighting Tips for The Kitchen

    You don't need a full home renovation to improve your favorite space. When asked about their favorite room, just about everyone cites the kitchen as the place the family loves. The room where they gather for everything from casual meals to conversation to get-togethers on the weekend. As real estate…Read More


    As COVID-19 has taken its toll on the world, working from home is the new norm for a number of working individuals. With this growing trend in mind, new debate in the market has emerged. How do we maintain the quality of work? Frankly speaking, working from home does blur the lines between office an…Read More

  5. Architectural Aspects to Consider When Renovating Your Home

    Are you thinking of remodeling your house and really making it your own? Enjoying the most of a renovation that is suited towards your needs and wants? All things considered, your home is the best place to bond with your family and friends. The home you build is meant to be an ideal match for the la…Read More

  6. Flooring Trends 2021

    The time has come in which many people are look forward to the renovations and remodeling of their houses. Many are opting for interior designing as well. If you are already prepared to give your house a fresh new look you may need to consider the trendiest and perhaps the most gaming changing aspec…Read More

  7. What do I renovate first? Kitchen vs Ensuite

    Kitchens and ensuites tend to have a priority in the field of renovation. You can spend a lot of cash on a new fence, new windows or upgraded insulation and few individuals will take note. However, when you spend a similar budget on a kitchen or ensuite renovation, the outcome is highly visible and …Read More

  8. How much does it cost to renovate my kitchen in Calgary?

    The kitchen is the busiest space in the house which consumes much of our time and attention. Cooking can be fun, especially when your kitchen is built functionally. Kay2 Contracting covers all aspects of kitchen renovations from floor plan reconfiguration to a quick refreshing facelift. Regardless o…Read More