1. Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls: Creating Space and Adding Character Retaining walls are integral elements to ensure your lawn’s integrity and stability. The primary purpose of retaining wall is to hold the difference in the ground elevations. For many homes that are built with elevations on their property, their…Read More

  2. Water Features

    Water-features to Enhance Your Yard Water-features are an excellent way to add a personalized touch to your backyard or front yard and improve the outdoor living space. A carefully designed and implemented water feature can transform your garden, deck, or patio into a unique outdoor sanctuary. How W…Read More

  3. calgary load bearing wall

    Load Bearing Wall Removal: Creating Style and Space

    Home renovations are an excellent way to make your surroundings a lot more spacious, ventilated, and open to accommodate you and your family’s growing needs. Nowadays, open concept layouts are becoming increasingly popular because they allow more natural light, modern style and energy efficiency. …Read More

  4. Benefits of an Architectural Designer

    New home building, renovations, and remodeling are all very vast initiatives involving a number of complex processes; And it all starts with the design and layout of your home. Without the help of an architectural designer, you would find the entire designing process excessively overwhelming and com…Read More

  5. Outdoor Living Essentials in Calgary & Edmonton: Patio

    Outdoor Living Essentials in Calgary & Edmonton: Patio Our hectic and always-on-the-go lifestyle has made it necessary to have some sort of an area in our homes where we can relax, enjoy, and hang out. A backyard patio is the perfect option to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures. From areas …Read More

  6. Benefits of Building Custom Home Vs Spec Home

    Benefits of Building Custom Home Vs Spec Home With the vastly growing communities across Alberta, we at Kay2 Contracting understand that the need and desire to build new is becoming more demanding. Buyers and Homeowners planning for new home builds often get confused because of the different termino…Read More

  7. Top Reasons Why A Home Renovation is Better than Moving Out

    Are you thinking of moving out due to limited or outdated living space in Calgary or Alberta? Is it the only way to address the problem? Perhaps Not! Many homeowners choose to move out when they find that their current home is unable to fulfill their immediate needs. Reasons can be various, such as,…Read More

  8. Nice interior design

    Benefits of Hiring An Interior Designer

    Your home is perhaps the biggest investment of your life and you will certainly want to keep it well-maintained to ensure a higher return on investment (ROI) in the future. To make your home & property a valuable commodity, you need to focus on home interior design as much as you would on its ex…Read More