1. Master bathroom with white countertops, grey tile floors, and large glass shower - Kay2 Contracting

    lass Showers: This Bathroom Fixture Is Still A Big Trend

    When you're renovating your bathroom, one of the most luxurious changes you can make is opting for a glass shower. There are plenty of good reasons for making this change, and you don't need a massive bathroom to have one. Glass showers are hugely popular today because they aren't hard to clean, the…Read More

  2. Home renovation open concept living room with wood floors and glass stair railing - Kay2 Contracting

    Full House: Privacy Tips for When Your Home Is Bursting

    Having house guests can be wonderful, particularly if you haven't seen them in a long time. Whether they are family members or friends, having someone come to stay is a great way to get caught up and reestablish old connections. And often, having someone under your roof for an extended stay is helpf…Read More

  3. Most Wanted Renovations: Popular Renos In Edmonton This Spring

    What a crazy eighteen months we've had, not just in Alberta but right across Canada. Even Atlantic Canada, which started out so well keeping the pandemic at bay, endured a relatively heavy caseload this spring. But now, the coronavirus is beginning to ebb, and everyone is praising our excellent vacc…Read More

  4. Landscaping When You Renovate: Do Both at The Same Time!

    Is this the summer you decide to do a full scale reno of your kitchen or mudroom? If so, we have a suggestion – seize the opportunity to do some landscaping at the same time. It is not utter madness to do two large scale projects simultaneously. In fact, it can be a smart move, in terms of costs, …Read More