1. Latest Tile Trends 2020

    The property rates in Canada have been constantly evolving over the past few years. Hence, it isn’t surprising that to add value to your property, you must think about remodeling certain areas of the home according to on-going home renovation trends to increase its immediate value.  One of the be…Read More

  2. How to Plan a Successful Commercial Renovation

    Commercial redesign and renovation is not an easy feat but if done right, it can yield outstanding results. In fact, successful commercial remodeling can fully revitalize the workspace and breathe new life into the building. This can be favorable for both your business and your employees offering a …Read More

  3. Kitchens: How to Remodel

    To ensure that your family stays united, you need to create a sociable space for the whole family to gather. That’s why kitchen design should be given extreme importance at the time of kitchen upgrading. You need to understand your individual family needs first before planning a kitchen renovation…Read More

  4. front door designs. Calgary renovation experts

    Exterior Renovations: Top 3 Front Door Colors

    When it is time to consider a home renovation, we consistently think mainly about the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms expansions. Oftentimes, we neglect and ignore the doors, windows and exterior renovations on our homes. The significance of front doors is commonly overlooked. In actuality, it’s …Read More

  5. calgary flooring renovation expert

    Flooring Trends In 2020

    Flooring and home design trends in Canada have changed considerably over the past few decades given the unprecedented advancement in our home renovation industry. Streets in the country are more and more rarely inspired by the Georgian era architecture, as we see an extensive blanket of condominiums…Read More

  6. Functional Feels: 5 Custom Storage Ideas

    If you are considering a home renovation and remodeling, increasing storage space should be on the top of your priority list. There are many custom storage ideas that can instantly improve the functionality of otherwise neglected or wasted spaces. These spaces are commonly found in garages and rando…Read More

  7. Colour & Design

    Hand-in-Hand: Colour and Design According to a recent study, we spend almost 90% of our time indoors and a majority of this time is being spent in our homes. So, when it is time to think about building a new home or renovating an existing residence, a lot of emphases should be given on the design an…Read More

  8. Countertop Selection

    Countertop Selections & Styles To Suit Every Design Home renovation doesn’t necessarily have to be an extensive and large-scale project. With little tweaks and minor additions, you can transform the look and feel of your surroundings. There are always certain elements in one’s home that are …Read More

  9. kay2 calgary landscaping and renovation. Gazebo designs.

    Deck & Gazebos

    Deck & Gazebos Whether if you have a wide-open space or a limited area outside the home you can always improve it to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the property. However, successful home improvement and landscaping of the outdoor area rely majorly on the design and functionali…Read More