1. Making Space:
Should I Add Square Footage or Remodel?

    Making Space: Should I Add Square Footage or Remodel? If ever a year taught us how important a home's size is, it was 2020. Families spent a whole lot more time together indoors than they used to, and right now it looks like we're in for more of the same restrictions for a while yet. The pandemic ha…Read More

  2. Hire A Pro To Install Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Hire A Pro To Install Your Kitchen Cabinets: The Many Benefits Of Expertise There are plenty of DIY projects around the house that folks with a little knowledge, a variety of tools, and a few spare hours can tackle themselves and do a reasonably acceptable job. Installing new kitchen cabinets isn't …Read More

  3. Quick (& Cost Effective!) Changes Bring New Life to Your Kitchen

    Quick (& Cost Effective!) Changes Bring New Life to Your Kitchen: How to Upgrade Without Spending A Fortune Maybe you've had the same kitchen for years, and while you still love it, you're thinking of freshening it up and making a few changes. We get it; even wonderful decor can get a little tir…Read More

  4. How Much Does It Cost to Renovate my flooring in Calgary?

    Many of us don't have any idea about the cost and expenses it takes to go through an essential home renovation, let alone a complete home remodeling. While planning remodeling or renovations of the house, the main or first thing that pops up is often the flooring. It is important to plan the budget …Read More

  5. Some Tips to Follow When Looking for A Kitchen Renovator

    Thinking of getting your kitchen remodeled? Kitchens are one of the most used areas of the home. Therefore, it tends to need a renovation more often than other areas of the home. Kitchen renovations are best carried out with the help of a professional renovator. Finding the right contractor for a ki…Read More

  6. Modern Design Ideas for Your New Kitchen

    Kitchen have always been the heart of most houses. Kitchens are where people gather to cook, share meals and conversations, and they are even the room to which guests gravitate during parties. These days, perhaps more than ever before, kitchens have become even more central to the life of families, …Read More

  7. Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2021

    During the life-changing events of 2020, families stayed inside and began to prize their indoor spaces more than ever. Kitchens, in particular, took on an even greater significance, as the room where folks cooked, ate, and shared conversations about the world “out there.” Kitchens have always be…Read More

  8. Thinking of renovating? Follow these steps before you start.

    The exciting process of a home renovation can rapidly be lessened by surprising conditions, extended financial plans, and other issues. Fortunately, more often than not these issues can be alleviated, if not avoided altogether, by looking out for red flags and hiring an experienced contractor. Consi…Read More