Kitchen Renovations and Design Trends for 2017

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is In which the family convenes nightly for dinner. It is where homework is done and family meetings happen to be had. There’s something about the kitchen which makes it much more than merely a utilitarian space. If you are considering upgrading your kitchen this season, check out these hot styles, as noticed by designers.


1.) Mixing metals is my favorite kitchen design trend for 2017. I believe it reflects a more individual, less formal method of design that’s popular with millennials and non-millennials alike. While it requires a bit of an expert eye, it is completely appropriate to combine metal finishes on your faucet, cabinet pulls, seat pendants and legs.

kay2 kitchen

2.) While white kitchens Won’t Ever go out of fashion, we’re seeing A move towards warmer substances and a less utilitarian or anticipated strategy. Working with a cohesive color palette and materials to accomplish a feeling of unity with adjoining spaces provides a link with inside elements such as lighting, furniture, and decorative details, leaving the kitchen with all the importance of work yet all the design to go along with the remainder of your home.


3.) One high kitchen reno layout fad that I love is to have Sections of the top cupboard extended onto the counter. Let us face it, we all love our small appliances (i.e. toaster oven, espresso machine) but we may not want them on display all the time.  

Home Renovation Kitchen

4.) In 2017, we will continue to see cabinetry Painted white and different shades of gray. Islands in another color or stain than the perimeter cabinetry will continue to be prevalent. In addition, handmade islands that look like furniture with legs will probably be popular for that unfitted kitchen look. It also adds personality and charm along with the kitchen then appears like it has developed over time. Quartz as a counter will continue to be popular as customers become aware of its benefits.


5.) Customers are requesting something different again for their Calgary kitchen renovation upgrade. As you may not want to paint an entire kitchen in one color to stand out from the crowd, the inclination in 2017 will be to mix natural timber, plastics and paint in the kitchen. Consider framing the stove hood along with the island in chrome to add sparkle into space. Add texture to your cabinetry with a mixture of light wood veneered white and lowers lacquered uppers.

6.) Say hello to dark metals in your kitchen renovation.  The dark finishes may work in sleek modern kitchens or the much cottagey of cooking spaces. Here are some great kitchen design ideas if you are looking into a renovation that what would suit you and your family best.


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